Bad Office Coffee, A Short & Creative Rant

The morning coffee I savor at home is nothing like what’s available in the office. I know my office isn’t the only one–it’s an iconic joke in movies and on TV shows. It’s what we complain about with our cube neighbor. Or to the random person in the tiny breakroom that you’ve never met (or seen) before, but claims to work there, too. This thing you are drinking is not coffee, really. It’s some bitter darkly-colored water with a smell less than coffee. It’s the thing you gulp down because you have too many things to do in the morning before lunch. It’s the thing you look at and wonder, is it really worth it? 

Who makes these unruly grounds and believes they’ve roasted something worthy of the morning? This time is for spoiling ourselves with the last thing we are able to make a choice on during an early hour. I say spoil because in my case it’s the first and only thing I can do for myself–to motivate myself–to stay awake. So, I might as well enjoy it!

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